Personnel non permanent

Catherine Harvey

OER electrocatalysis with Seawater

PhD starting date: June 2021

Syed Noman

Electrochemistry, lignin valorization, electrocatalysis, electrosynthesis

PhD starting date: January 2022

Adrien Combourieu

Synthèse et réactivité de complexes photoactifs originaux à base de cérium 

PhD starting date: September 2022


 Marie-Sophie Dias-fernandes

The electrocatalytic properties of heterofunctional materials studied by electrochemistry and X-ray absorption spectroscopy

PhD starting date: October 2022

Marie Valmori

 Development of a strategy combining SFC, LC and IMS coupling with high resolution tandem mass spectrometry for comprehensive and unbiased lipidomic analysis of complex matrices 

PhD starting date: 2022

Lucie Pedussaut

Synthesis of novel lanthanide complexes

PhD starting date: October 2022

Ingrid Popovici

Complexes de métaux abondants comportant des ligands phosphorés coopératifs pour la catalyse

PhD starting date: October 2022

Laureen Busson

Complexes de métaux abondants comportant des ligands iminophosphoranes pour la catalyse et l'optique

PhD starting date: November 2022

Laurianne Tay Li En

Characterization of two RNA modification enzymes involved in human pathologies

PhD starting date: October 2023


Linda De Marchi

Synthesis of organometallic complexes of lanthanides and Uranium with large aromatic ligands

PhD starting date : June 2023



Angus Shephard

Synthesize both lanthanide and uranium complexes with large aromatic and cyclic ligands

PostDoc starting date: March 2023

Eva Pugliese

ALD precursors screening method and study of the potential P, N, S ligand complexes for functional materials in photovoltaic devices

Post Doc starting date: December 2023 


Claire Squarzoni

Industrial wastewater photocatalytic valorization

Post Doc starting date: 20/02/2023


Bastien Vidal (Fixed Term Contract)

Management of the scientific demonstrator projects of the E4C center, Energy for Climate

XSeaO2 Project (3 Years): 01/04/2024

Douglas Keller

Joseph Youssef


Hydrogen production by quantum dots catalyst and photochemistry